THE ultimate journey across East africa's giant

Khartoum – Naqa – Karima – Meroe    

Tour dates

Regular monthly departures: this tour is offered regularly once a month. Let us know your desired departure month by clicking on the ask-us button below and we will match your preferences with the relevant scheduled group departure. If you are unsure about the month you wish to travel in, then simply tell us a period or a season of the year and we will give you a wide range of scheduled group departures: just pick up yours! 

Our scheduled group departures don't suit your plans? If you are travelling with friends and there are 5 or more of you, you can set your own dates and we will organise a tour just for you without charging any additional fee. If you are travelling solo or with less than 4 companions we will organise a slightly more expensive tailored tour according to your time schedule and specific geographical preferences.

Warning: entry to Sudan will be refused to Israeli passport holders and travellers with any evidence (stamp, visa, permits) of visiting Israel


DAY 1 - Khartoum

  • Our guide we’ll meet us in the arrival hall of Khartoum International Airport and drive us to our hotel of choice.

  • We'll enjoy a long sightseeing tour of Khartoum (Al Kabir Mosque, Al Rikini Mosque, National Museum) and its twin city Omdurman on the other side of the Nile (Omdurman Grand Bazaar, Nilian Mosque, Clock Tower).

  • At sunset we'll visit to the tomb of the sufi leader Ahmed al Nil to witness a Whirling Dervishes Ceremony (only on Fridays).

  • Lunch, dinner and overnight in Khartoum.

DAY 2 - Naqa 

  • In the morning we'll head to Naqa, a ruined ancient city of the Kushitic Kingdom, and visit the large Meroitic temple complex of Musawwarat, dating back to the 3rd century BC.

  • During the day we'll have good chance to meet with the local nomadic tribes, whose camel caravans suggestively wander around the old ruins of Naqa and Musawwarat.

  • Lunch, dinner and overnight in Naqa.

Day 3 - Meroe

  • Early in the morning we'll drive north following the course of the Nile and head to the ancient Nubian ruins in Meroe.

  • Besides the routine pauses for food, toilet and random landscape pictures, we'll break the 5-hour journey in the town of Shendi, the center of the Ja'aliin tribe and an important trading centre along the historic trade route crossing the Bayuda Desert.

  • The Royal Necropolis of Meroe is an impressive archeological site with more than Nubian 40 pyramids built by the rulers of the ancient Kushite kingdoms, some of them in perfectly preserved condition; we'll spend the afternoon visiting the site and enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding desert.

  • Dinner and overnight in Meroe.

Day 4 - Karima

  • In the morning we'll cross the Nile by ferry and have the chance to meet and chat with local nomadic traders.

  • We'll drive west towards the ancient caravan town of Karima.

  • Besides the routine pauses for food, toilet and random landscape pictures, we'll break the journey in Atbara, a traditional Sudanese town where it's possible to meet the mysterious Rashaida, a proud nomadic tribe from Hejaz, in present-day Saudi Arabia.

  • Along the road we'll stop for a desert tea in a traditional nomadic settlement made out of small huts of intertwined branches.

  • Dinner and overnight in Karima.

Day 5 - Jebel Barkal

  • We'll spend a lazy morning strolling to Karima old town.

  • After lunch we'll visit the ancient pyramids and temples in Jebel Barkal before heading towards the royal cemetery at El Kurru.

  • Before dinner we'll drive into the desert to tour an paleontological site containing many fossils and enjoy a stunning sunset painting red the surrounding dunes.

  • Dinner and overnight in Karima.

Day 6 - Nubian Villages

  • Following the course of the Nile we'll reach the ancient Christian site of Old Dongola, where we'll admire an ancient Coptic Christian temple with marble columns as well as several churches on the banks of the Nile.

  • We'll stop for lunch in a traditional Nubian settlement to see the traditional colourful painted houses and witness the slow pace of rural life.

  • Dinner and overnight in Dongola.

Day 7 - Khartoum

  • Early morning wake-up call and long desert drive back to Khartoum.

  • Besides the routine pauses for food, toilet and random landscape pictures, we'll break the long haul in Al-Khandaq to visit an old Ottoman fort and in one of the many traditional nomadic settlements to enjoy a glass of dark and sweet desert tea.

  • Dinner and overnight in Khartoum.

DAY 8 - Flight back home or Sudanese Riviera / Darfur extension

  • After enjoying a last Sudanese-style breakfast together we'll take care of your transfer to the airport/train station of choice.

  • For those flying out: we will arrange transfer to Khartoum International Airport for your flight back home.

  • For those wishing to take the bus to reach further destinations: we will arrange transport to the central bus station.

  • End of the tour.

EXTENSION 1 - Red Sea Riviera

For those wishing to enjoy the untouched nature and the crumbling towns of the Red Sea Coast, we will organise a 4-day extension to the Sudanese Riviera. This will include a visit to Port Sudan and the semi-abandoned towns of Suakin and Tokar as well as some top notch scuba diving / snorkeling excursion to the reef. A daily flight (included in the extension price) connects Port Sudan with Khartoum. 

EXTENSION 2 - Darfur Unveiled

For those wishing to visit the most secretive and off-the-grid areas of the country, we will organise a 5-day extension to the semi-autonomous region of Darfur in the Wild West of the country. This will include a visit to the major towns of the region such as Geneina, El Fasher and Nyala, as well as a trip to traditional Darfuri settlements. A daily flight (included in the extension price) connects El Fasher with Khartoum. 


4 to 9 participants: 1790 € 

Riviera Extension (4 to 8 participants): 500

Darfur Unveiled (3 to 7 participants): 1100

The price includes: double/twin room accommodation (breakfast included; single supplement: 18 euro/night), private transport in the region (jeep or minivan), entrance fees to the attractions listed in the itinerary, guiding and translation service.

The price does not include: international flights and any other flight not explicitly included in the tour price and itinerary, meals, drinks and tips, visas if required, entrance fees to attractions not listed in the itinerary, insurance.

The route of this tour has been carefully designed after several research trips in the region. It is, however, always possible to slightly modify the itinerary according to the needs and the suggestions of the participants. Our motto is flexibility.

Warning: entry to Sudan will be refused to Israeli passport holders and travellers with any evidence (stamp, visa, permits) of visiting Israel

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