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Eastern Europe is a vague - and arguably controversial - geopolitical concept Westerners use to define the territories and societies located on the other side of the Berlin Wall. From touristy Prague to the remote steppes of Western Russia every village, town, mountain or river east of Bavaria can be - in theory - regarded as a piece of Eastern Europe, a boundless and diverse land without any clear geographical border. According to this definition, Eastern Europe would comprise more than twenty different countries and a couple of autonomous and contested regions. However, as we easily get scared when we see large tourist crowds, we chose to focus our work rather on the weirdos and the outsiders of the Eastern European list: Albania, Yugoslavia, UkraineMoldova, Belarus and East Germany.

In addition to the itineraries published on the website, we also offer tailored expeditions, unusual travel routes and short city trips across and beyond Eastern Europe. Examples include: ski holidays in Bosnia, historical tours through ancient Thracia, Soviet-themed itineraries across the three Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), melancholic drives along the Budjak steppes and epic overland journeys from Vienna to Istanbul. Just email us at for more info about our unadvertised tours.

The monkeys of the Fourth Reich went dancing the Polka on the wall: those who changed sides in 1990 were then rewarded in 1991.

― Fabrizio De André