Once upon a time there was a country called Soviet Union. An endless expanse covering more than one sixth of the dry surface of our planet, an unthinkable and unknown immensity stretching from the thick forests near the Polish border to the waves of the Pacific Ocean, from the iced coasts along the Arctic to the cruel sands of Central Asia and from the austere peaks of the Pamir mountains to the eternal flatness of the Siberian steppes. Despite being stereotypically associated with onion-shaped domes, drunk Cossacks and snow-covered steppes, this magnificent country was extremely diverse both in its sceneries and in its demographics. The Soviet Union was, in fact, inhabited by more than three hundred million people divided in more than one hundred different ethnicities speaking a similar number of languages

This compelling diversity exerts an irresistible attraction on us. When conceiving, designing and, of course, operating our tours, we are constantly lead by a particularly strong interest in the obscure ethnicities, dying-off traditions, endangered languages, and secretive cultures enlivening the vast territory of the former USSR. From the extremely complex ethnolinguistic puzzle of the Caucasus to the remote Tungusic tribes of the Russian Arctic we’ll guide you through the many entrancing facets of the post-Soviet demographic cauldron.

Below you can find a small selection of our most popular culture-focussed itineraries. But there is way more than that. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the territory and longstanding collaboration with independent local guides we are, indeed, able to offer you a wide range of tailored routes and bespoke itineraries centred around the places, the cultures and the ethno-political issues that interest you the most. We also regularly cater for ethnologists, historians, anthropologists, linguists, philologists, and documentarists conducting field research in the region.

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