Financial protection

The money you send us is safe: the German Travel Regulations (§ 651k BGB) require us to provide security for the money that you pay us in the rare event of insolvency from our side. Besides the very fact that we are obliged by law to do that, bonding and safeguarding our clients' money constitutes a fundamental principle of our business ethics too.

All funds paid to Gianluca Pardelli Einzelunternehmen (Geschäftsbezeichnung: Soviet Tours; tax ID 14/466/02688) either as deposits or as payments for trips are kept separate from the business in a secure trust account held in a regulated bank in Germany. This means that even in the extremely rare event we will have to declare bankruptcy, your money will be held in a separate account that our creditors won't be able to access. 

This arrangement satisfies the legislative requirements that need to be made to meet European Union Council Directive 90/314/EEC.