Gastronomic discoveries in the former ussr

God bless food! The former USSR has a much richer cuisine than you might expect. Ukrainian borscht (beetroot soup), Georgian khinkali (large dumplings filled with meat and vegetables), Uzbek plov (a hearty dish of rice, carrots, onions and lamb), Abkhaz mamaliga (a polenta-like dish accompanied by salty cheese), ancient traditional recipes in Chechnya and modern haute cuisine trends in Moscow: you'll be amazed by the diversity of staples and specialities awaiting you in the former USSR! Wine lovers won't be disappointed as the vineyards in Georgia and Moldova produce word-famous first-class sorts, whereas if you like stronger stuff… well, you already know what Russia is stereotypically famous for. We regularly offer tailored eno-gastronomic tours that will definitely satisfy palates and stomachs alike with mouth-watering delicacies and hearty country food. Drop us a message and give us some indications about your culinary dreams and we'll design a unique tour for you and your taste buds.