volunteer programs in the former USSR

Soviet Tours doesn't only mean exceptional journeys to remote backwaters and little-known countries. Our business is founded on love and passion and these feelings lead us to seek a deeper cooperation with the citizens of the bygone "Evil Empire". We are now proudly and actively involved in humanitarian and cultural activities in several different areas of the former USSR. Our volunteer and cultural programs are truly unique in the post-Soviet scenario and basically represent your only chance to take part in a long-term project in the region. 

ecotourism and family support in Moldova and Gagauzia

In Southern Moldova, close to the internal border with Gagauzia, lies a small village where local entrepreneur Kostja has recently set up an ecological farm entirely run according to the principles of agricultural sustainability and respectful management of the surrounding natural environment. The key word of Kostja's philosophy and the secret of his success is permaculture: a simple doctrine of working with the nature, rather than against it: protracted and thoughtful observation rather than thoughtless labour, thoughtful observation of plants and animals in all their functions, rather than blind exploitation of them. Kostja and his farm are also part of a network of local initiatives and projects promoted by a cultural and humanitarian organisation headquartered in Comrat, the capital of exotic Gagauzia. Either working directly with Kostja or getting involved in one of the many programs offered by the association you'll learn and practice innovative and environmentally viable farming techniques, help impoverished Moldovan and Gagauz families and participate in long- and short-term projects aimed to revive the local economy, badly afflicted by the fall of the USSR. Please contact us to learn more. 

English teaching and radio broadcasting in the Pankisi Gorge

The Pankisi Gorge is a secretive valley in Georgia inhabited mainly by the muslim Kists, an ethnic subgroup of the Chechens. In the past decades, the gorge notoriously hit the international headlines as it was considered to be a safe haven for islamic extremists fighting the jihad in neighbouring Chechnya. Lawlessness and violence have been long associated with the valley and its people, even if the general level of security has actually improved dramatically during the last ten years. Nowadays it is perfectly safe to visit the tiny traditional hamlets dotting the gorge and people are way friendlier than you might expect. Unfortunately high unemployment rates, geographical remoteness and negative cultural preconceptions make the local population - especially the young generations - vulnerable to the ubiquitous and always current threat of religious radicalisation. In this regard, the study of a foreign language, especially English, represents one of the few instruments available to the young generation to seek qualified employment opportunities - for example within the growing tourism market - and to learn more about different cultures and traditions. In collaboration with a non-profit radio station we invite foreign volunteers to teach English to the kids of the valley on a short term basis (typically between 2 and 4 weeks). In addition to the teaching activity, you will also be actively involved in the radio broadcasting schedule and have the privilege to live together with a local Chechen family while helping them with the daily tasks of rural life. Please contact us to learn more. 

Besides offering you the chance to get involved in the activities listed above, we are also able to connect you with a wide spectrum of humanitarian and cultural organisations around the former USSR from Tuva to Tajikistan, from Karabakh to Belarus, from the Aral Sea to the Baikal Lake.

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