pioneering INVESTMENTS in growing economies

Are you interested in expanding your business in a country not yet discovered by international investors? Are you seeking to start a financial activity in a newly independent country with a great economic potential? Are you looking for local partners, fixers, translators, drivers and problem solvers to smooth the complex process of setting up a new activity in a foreign nation? Here we are!

Our team at Soviet Tours represents your best source of information to learn more about the pioneering business opportunities and the exciting financial perspectives offered by the growing economic landscape of the former USSR

In particular we focus on those countries and regions outside the radar of major international investors, thus offering you the rare chance to penetrate a new market almost free of fierce competitors and defensive monopolists. 

We also regularly cater for international companies looking for Soviet-related MICE ideas: unusual staff outings, outstanding corporate tours and bonding team-building activities across and beyond the former USSR

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