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The former Soviet Union boasts a surprisingly diverse spectrum of landscapes and ecosystems. Scorching deserts, rolling steppes, dense forests, rainy jungles, high mountains, snowy tundras, sandy beaches, rocky coasts, wide rivers and salt lakes: the USSR has it all. We at Soviet Tours are as much into nature as we are into culture and are here to show you the Evil Empire in all its wild majesty. Our portfolio of bespoke eco-tours includes Tiger Safaris in the Soviet Wild East, Leopard Tracking in the Caucasus, Whale Watching in the Russian Arctic and Bison Treks in BelarusHorse culture is also very popular in several areas of the former USSR and we will be happy to organise saddle tours for all the cowgirls and cowboys out there. Our horseback adventures are tailor-made and are especially designed to take in consideration each client's preferences. Tell us where and when you want to ride and we'll realise your wild dreams. Caucasus, Siberia and Central Asia are particularly suitable for horseback journeys: romantic open landscapes, nomadic traditions and strong but gentle thoroughbreds are waiting for you. Please contact us to learn more.