Democratic People's Republic of Korea

soviet tours into the hermit kingdom

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea aka North Korea keeps hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons. This politically isolated and geographically remote corner of Asia represents the archetype of a rogue state par excellence: a country ruled by a 1984-style authoritarian government threatening the world with nuclear warheads. Bad press notwithstanding, the day-to-day reality sensibly differs from the stereotypes that are rooted in the popular imagination. Beyond the scary urban legends created by Western media and the imposing façade erected by the party propaganda lies a country of welcoming people, stunning nature and ancient traditions. Obviously there is some truth in every cliché and your journey to North Korea will be also dotted with surreal experiences, dystopian atmospheres and brutalist cityscapes. However, this country has so much more to offer than its fair share of totalitarian bizarreness and you will be amazed by the many wonders of the Hermit Kingdom.

In addition to the itineraries published on the website we also offer tailored adventures, unusual travel routes and short city trips to the land of the Kims. Examples include: ultra-budget 2-day Pyongyang-only holidays, 2-week hiking vacations to Mount Paektu and volunteer programs in the countryside. Just send us an email at for more information about unadvertised tours. 

One can live without candy, but one cannot live without bullets.
― Kim Jong Il  

Please note: all tours to the DPRK are planned and run by North Korea’s state-owned tour operator Ryohaengsa - Korea International Travel Company (KITC), Heaun 1 Dong, Pyongchon District, Pyongyang, D.P.R.K. Soviet Tours acts only as intermediary travel agent between KITC and the customers. In the unlikely event that there is anything to complain about, such claims have therefore to be made on the spot directly to KITC. The state-owned North Korean tour operator KITC is deeply committed to provide all customers with a positive travel experience. The customers’ well-being and satisfaction is their top-priority. In the rare cases in which complaints occurred, KITC has always tried its best to find the an optimal solution to meet the customers' demands.