Eternal ice, nomadic herders, extreme nature and stunning beauty 

Anadyr – Egvekinot – Chukchi Settlements – Amguema

Regular monthly departures: this tour is offered regularly once a month. Let us know your desired departure month by clicking on the ask-us button below and we will match your preferences with the relevant scheduled group departure. If you are unsure about the month you wish to travel in, then simply tell us a period or a season of the year and we will give you a wide range of scheduled group departures: just pick up yours! 

Our scheduled group departures don't suit your plans? If you are travelling with friends and there are 5 or more of you, you can set your own dates and we will organise a tour just for you without charging any additional fee. If you are travelling solo or with less than 4 companions we will organise a slightly more expensive tailored tour according to your time schedule and specific geographical preferences.


The following itinerary refers to our most popular route in Chukotka. This immense land, a very Soviet version of Alaska, greets its temerarious guests with a cornucopia of natural and cultural wonders. In case you are interested in a particularly remote area, unusual activity and/or off-the-beaten-path attraction within the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug or if you are just looking for an hit-and-run visit to Anadyr and its surroundings, we can easily meet your needs with a unique tour individually designed according to your preferences. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the territory and longstanding collaboration with independent local tour operators we are, indeed, able to offer you a wide range of tailored routes and bespoke itineraries across and beyond the white vastnesses of legendary Chukotka. We also regularly cater for biologists, conservationists, ethnologists, historians and documentarists alike interested in conducting field research in the region. Get in touch for more info on our private tours to Chukotka

Day 1 - Anadyr

  • Our tour guide will meet you in the arrival hall of Anadyr International Airport (exact meeting time will be communicated well in advance per email in accordance to your flight schedule).

  • Introductory briefing about the region, the route and the set of rules to observe while travelling in Chukotka.

  • Transfer to your hotel and acclimatisation.

  • Dinner and overnight in Anadyr.

Day 2 - Anadyr

  • Anadyr sightseeing: Trinity Cathedral, Lenin Square, National Museum of Chukotka Heritage and plenty of Rainbow-Coloured Soviet Apartment Blocks.

  • In the afternoon you'll enjoy stunning views over the city from a strategically located panoramic point on Mount Verblyuzhka.

  • Lunch, dinner and overnight in Anadyr.

Day 3 - Egvekinot

  • Transfer by plane to the traditional Chukchi village of Egvekinot.

  • Tour of the village and visit to the breathtakingly beautiful natural areas surrounding the settlement: high peaks, endless tundra and the eerily fascinating waters of the Bering Sea.

  • Lunch, dinner and overnight in Egvekinot.

Day 4 - Chukchi Tundra

  • We'll spend the whole day driving across the Chukchi Tundra with powerful Russian quads.

  • In the early afternoon we'll reach the exact point where the Arctic Circle and the 180th Meridian meet.

  • The point is marked by Soviet-era monument representing the astronomical symbol for the Sun.

  • This is one of the most unique places on Earth and your visit will be attested with an Arctic Explorer Certificate.

  • Dinner and overnight in Egvekinot.

Day 5 - Amguema

  • Today we'll drive down the legendary Iultin Highway, arguably one of the remotest roads in the whole former USSR.

  • The highway was built by the prisoners of the notorious Chukotlag and is dotted with abandoned barracks and crumbling tombstones, dark echoes of a somber age.

  • In the afternoon we'll reach Amguema, a traditional Chukchi village with more than 500 inhabitants and a major stopover for nomadic reindeer herders.

  • Dinner and overnight in Amguema.

Day 6/7/8 - Reindeer Herders

  • We'll spend three full days travelling north with the Chukchi Reindeer Herders, sharing with them time, food and stories, while learning as much as possible about their endangered culture and traditional lifestyle.

  • There is no specific travel schedule for these three unforgettable days that are going to be one of the most formidable experiences of your entire life; highlights include: Chukchi national cuisine, reindeer breeding techniques, hunting and fishing expeditions, wildlife spotting and a daily walks in the surreal nature around the camps.

  • Lunch, dinner and overnight in a tent.

Day 9 - Egvekinot

  • Today will spend most of our time on the road, driving back to Amguema and then further south to Egvekinot.

  • Besides the routine pauses for food, toilet and random landscape pictures, we'll break the long haul in Ozyorny, an out-of-the-world Soviet town lost in the Tundra.

  • Dinner and overnight in Egvekinot.

Day 11 - Anadyr

  • Transfer to the regional airport in Egvekinot and flight to Anadyr.

  • Free time in Anadyr for souvenir shopping and gastronomic discoveries.

  • Lunch, dinner and overnight in Anadyr.

DAY 12 - Flight back home or transfer to further destinations  

  • After enjoying a last Chukchi-style breakfast together we'll take care of your transfer to Anadyr International Airport for your flight back home or to connect to further destinations in the region such as Kamchatka or Sakhalin.

  • End of the tour.


4 to 9 participants: 3490

The price includes: double/twin room accommodation (breakfast included; single supplement: 25 euro/night), private transport in the region, all flights within Chukotka, entrance fees to the attractions listed in the itinerary, guiding and translation service.

The price does not include: international flights and any other flight not explicitly included in the tour price and itinerary, meals, drinks and tips, visas if required, entrance fees to attractions not listed in the itinerary, insurance.

The route of this tour has been carefully designed after several research trips in the region. It is, however, always possible to slightly modify the itinerary according to the needs and the suggestions of the participants. Our motto is flexibility.





 Yakutia and/or Kamchatka