Our motto is flexibility and our goal is to deliver unique travel experiences across and beyond the former USSR. If you don't like to travel in a group and/or you are looking for an adventure to a particular destination that is currently not included within our set of itineraries, then just drop us a message and we will create an exclusive bespoke route individually designed to meet your specific demands and satisfy your travel expectations. In addition to our standard offer of Soviet and non-Soviet destinations we also regularly organise tailored tours and provide travel assistance for the following destinations: 

Eastern europe and former ussr

Our portfolio of post-communist destinations in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union encompasses pretty much everything you can imagine: there is hardly a region left outside our Eastern Bloc offer. There are, however, a few Warsaw-Pact destinations, that were left outside our standard tour offer either because of their extreme remoteness or - at the other end of the spectrum - for their hackneyed touristic nature. The first include the isolated and uninhabited islands of the Russian Arctic (such as Wrangel or Novaya Zemlya) the latter are mainstream Eastern European countries such as the three Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) and the Czech Republic. The mere fact that we do not run regular trips to these areas does not imply that we do no operate over there too. Whether you are looking at a classic slow-pace trip along the Danube or aiming to join a polar voyage to the freezing frontiers of the Soviet North, we can easily and efficiently organise the holiday of your dreams across and beyond the red side of the Iron Curtain

africa and middle east

Besides the standard routes included in our Wild Wide Yonders section we also offer tailored adventures, unusual travel routes and short city trips across and beyond Africa and the Middle East. Examples include: relaxing holidays in São Tomé, ethnological expeditions through the Congos, epic journeys to Timbuktu, pioneering projects in the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, ski holidays in Iraq, historical tours through ancient Persia, and daring voyages to Sana'a. Our list of off-the-record African and Middle-Eastern countries encompasses: Saudi Arabia, Palestine, LebanonMali, Sierra Leone, GuineaGuinea Bissau, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Burkina, Chad, Niger, South SudanMauritania and Equatorial Guinea

central and south america

Admittedly, Latin America ain't our strongest point. However, being the wicked anti-touristic weirdos that we are, we have specialised ourselves in a bunch of off-the-radar American countries, which we - for the moment being - offer only within our set of bespoke tours. In South America proper we are pioneering tourism in Venezuela, probably the most feared of them all, Colombia, thanks Narcos® for the inspiration, Trinidad and Tobago, oh man that chocolate, and the three Guyanas, arguably the least knowns bizarros of the continent. Up north, in Central America and the Caribbeans, we offer tailored trips to Haiti, Voodoo rituals and tasty Creole cuisine, El Salvador, M13 prison tours and wild dancing parties, and Honduras, ancient ruins and paradisiac beaches.  

southeast asia and pacific

Touristy and overrated Southeast Asia will never be our cup of tea, but there are a few outsiders we truly enjoy to operate in: East Timor, an obscure Portuguese-speaking country surrounded by Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, a wild wild nation of chaotic towns and secretive tribes, and Brunei, the last Sultanate in the region. We can also arrange multi-destination flights, adventure tours and all-inclusive packages to the least visited countries in the world, namely, Nauru, Tokelau, Tuvalu, Niue and Kiribati