Our motto is flexibility and our goal is to deliver unique travel experiences across and beyond the former USSR. If you don't like to travel in a group and/or you are looking for an adventure to a particular destination that is currently not included within our set of itineraries, then just drop us a message and we will create an exclusive bespoke route individually designed to meet your specific demands and satisfy your travel expectations. In addition to our standard offer of Soviet and non-Soviet destinations we also regularly organise tailored tours and provide travel assistance for the following destinations: 

Eastern europe and former ussr

Our portfolio of post-communist destinations in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union encompasses pretty much everything you can imagine: there is hardly a region left outside our Eastern Bloc offer. 

central and south america


8-to-15-day tours across the most feared South American country. Highlights will include the legendary Angel Falls, the vast Orinoco Delta, the endless llanos, the historical Ciudad Bolivar and the lost world of Mount Roraima. Hop-and-off flash visits to Caracas and Margarita Island also available. 



southeast asia and pacific

east timor


NAURU, Tuvalu, Niue and Tokelau

We can arrange multi-destination flights, adventure tours and all-inclusive packages to the least visited countries of the world: these remote island states receive - all together - less tourists per year than North Korea or Turkmenistan! A mixture of extreme isolation, high costs and disappointing dullness is probably the main reason behind the lack of madding holiday crowds and we are thankful for that. For the most intrepid travellers these Pacific backwaters 

middle east