a cultural hotchpotch of proud people and ancient traditions nestled between europe and asia

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Few are the places on Earth that can claim a more diverse amalgam of ethnicities, languages and cultures as the one forming the intricate human puzzle of this little-known mountainous region drawing the border between historically opposing worlds: Europe and Asia, Christianity and Islam, the former Soviet Union and the Middle East. A nameless French traveller once wrote that two are the most colourful things on Earth: the robes of the women in Haiti and the demographic map of the Caucasus. From the medieval watchtowers in Chechnya to the green pastures of Georgia, from the ancient monasteries in Armenia to the sandy shores of Dagestan and Azerbaijan, from the ancient monoliths of Circassia to the mysterious necropolis of North Ossetia and across the jigsawed borders of every single geopolitical backwater, we'll guide you through this fascinating strip of land stretching from the Black to the Caspian Sea.

In addition to the itineraries published on the website we also offer tailored adventures, unusual travel routes and short city trips across and beyond the Soviet Caucasus. Examples include: island-hopping in Dagestan, ethnological expeditions in Azerbaijan and melanchonic journeys across the rolling steppes of Northern Chechnya. Just email us at info@soviettours.com for more info about unadvertised tours.

In the absence of grain look in the valley. In the absence of reasons look at the mountains. 
― Caucasian adage