Here is a complete list of all our itineraries 

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Yamal Peninsula: the Nenets Herders 


Soviet Far East: Sakhalin and the Amur  

Chukotka: Anadyr and the 180° Meridian

Southern Siberia: Tuva Khakassia and Altai


Volga Region: Stalingrad Tatarstan Udmurtia

Libya: Tripoli and Leptis Magna 

Russia's Black Sea:
Crimea and Circassia

Sudan and Eritrea: from Asmara to Khartoum 

Horn of Africa: Somalia SomalilandPuntland 


North Pakistan: Islamabad Peshawar Baltistan

Yemen: Socotra Island and Abd-al-Kuri

Iraq and Kurdistan: from Erbil to Basra

Syria: Damascus Aleppo Palmyra

South Pakistan: Baluchistan and Sindh 


Heart of Darkness: CAR and South Sudan

West Africa: Guinea Mali and Burkina

Lands of Extremes: Yakutia and Kamchatka

South Caucasus: Abkhazia  Karabakh

North Caucasus: Crimea to Dagestan

Bessarabia: Transnistria Moldova Gagauzia

Balkans: Yugoslavia and Albania 

Belarus: Minsk to Brest

Sovietistan: KyrgyzstanKazakhstanUzbekistanTajikistan


Gulf of Guinea: Nigeria and Eq. Guinea

Banglastan:Pakistan to Bangladesh 

Bangladesh Grand Tour: from Dhaka to Chittagong

DDR - East Germany: from Berlin to Rügen 

Turkmenia: Gates of Hell 

Caspian and Aral: Steppes and Deserts

Wild Wild East: High Pamir and Wakhan

Russian Caucasus: Chechnya Ossetia Dagestan

Pankisi Gorge: Georgia's Secret Valley

Baikal Lake: Siberian Perl

Naxchivan:Lost Land of Salt Caves and Red Mountains 

Adjaristan: the Soviet Tropics

Dagestan: from the Mountains to the Coast

Khuzestan: the 

Land of Persian Arabs

Russian Baltics:  Narva to Kaliningrad 

Carpathian Ruthenia: Slovakia Ukraine Romania

Angola: Portoguese Charm and Lost Tribes